Specks and Reds

There are more than a couple fish to target in the inshore waters of Louisiana. There are:

  • speckled trout
  • white trout
  • redfish
  • black drum
  • flounder
  • sheepshead
  • channel mullet

That's just a partial list! There are more fish to be had, believe it or not.

However, out of all those fish, there are two that will give you everything you could possibly want:

Speckled Trout & Redfish

Speckled trout will give you a fast-paced bite and redfish will give you drag-peeling fights.

Sometimes it can be the other way around, with redfish biting as soon as the bait hits the water and bigger trout bending your rod in half!

Both are delicious, easy to clean and fun to target. They compliment each other in how they behave under different conditions and if you learn how to catch them you will never get skunked.

It's important to understand the biology of both species. Knowing what they eat, when they spawn and more is the difference between crappy fishing trips and awesome fishing trips. This is what we cover in the coming sections.

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