What can I expect from this course?

When you are done with this course you will have these things:


  • understanding of the marsh and how it behaves
  • knowledge needed to successfully fish the marsh
  • you will know what equipment and tackle you need
  • what to do when you don't catch fish
  • and more!

Hard Skills

  • how to find great fishing spots
  • how to safely navigate to those fishing spots
  • tie fishing knots that matter
  • create tackle from scratch
  • effectively fish locations
  • and more!

Additionally, you will have:

  • confidence
  • expertise
  • fulfillment
  • a HUGE smile at the end of each fishing trip
  • a new addiction (sorry about that :) )

What you WON'T be getting from this course

  • a lot of stuff that doesn't make sense
  • fishing spots everyone fishes anyways
  • lack of support from your instructor
  • an instructor who doesn't fish the same way you do

Of course, I am always striving to make this course better. So if you have a suggestion or feel something should be added please let me know in the comments section!

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