Do I need a boat?

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Yes....and no.

There is excellent bank fishing through out Louisiana, but for the purpose of this course it is required that you have a way to get onto the water and move freely about the marsh. The information I am going to share with you and the skills I am going to teach you are best realized if you have a boat.

What kind of boat?

A kayak works, but so does a 24 foot long bay boat. A small aluminum flatboat works very well, too.

If it's not obvious, a sailboat or large yacht would not work for the purpose of this course.

Inshore Fishing 101 isn't about boat selection. That is an entire course by itself!

But, if you want advice from avid inshore anglers on what boat works best (and what a good deal looks like) then head on over to our forum at Louisiana Fishing Reports and start a new thread with your question or comment there.

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