Getting to know Captain Devin

I don't like talking about myself that much (I prefer to talk about fishing) but I think it's fair that you get to know me, your instructor, for this course.

My name is Captain Devin. I am a licensed boat captain, former fishing guide and today I operate the Louisiana Fishing Blog. Above all, I am absolutely on fire for inshore fishing!

I have fished all over the coast of Louisiana in different boats. I have even driven airboats across our beautiful wetlands, taking people to go see alligators up close and personal.

I am the kind of guy who will come get you when your boat breaks down, even if its in the middle of the night during a storm (true story). I'm the kind of guy who will stop what he is doing to come save you from Nature's wrath (also a true story). I'm the kind of guy who will poke fun at you for doing something goofy on the water before waving you over to catch fish next to me.

I spent my childhood fishing Hopedale and the Biloxi Marsh with my father and brother. What my father did for me then was plant a seed that would grow into a lifelong passion. I can only thank him for that.

I am fortunate to possess a natural aptitude for inshore fishing. I have a healthy respect for the water but I am not scared of it. I have pushed the envelope, courting bad conditions and launching before the sun came up and returning well after it was down. I would do this on back to back days. Some times I just slept in my truck at the dock. From those experiences I became successful. I gained a confidence that enabled me to become better and continue to learn.

I know what I have to teach can make you successful, too! You won't have to go through the learning pains I did. I have it all right here for you in Inshore Fishing 101.

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